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The Nintendo Direct scheduled for this week was delayed, with the publisher citing a recent earthquake in Hokkaido as the cause. It doesn't sound like eager fans will be left on pins and needles for too long, though, as Nintendo has stated that additional details about the rescheduled Direct will be made available soon.

In an email from Nintendo received by CinemaBlend, the company stated that a "powerful earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan" led to the decision to delay this week's Nintendo Direct. The statement goes on to say that a new date and time for the Direct will be provided in the near future, and that the company thanks its fans their understanding.

The earthquake, according to Variety, was a magnitude-6.7 that struck Hokkaido Thursday morning. Reports reveal several destroyed structures, buckled roads and the like. At least seven people have been reported killed in the quake.

Given Nintendo's phrasing concerning "this week's" Nintendo Direct and the timing of the incident, we aren't expecting a raincheck to occur until next week at the earliest. I understand that eager fans are bummed they're going to need to wait a bit longer for their big announcements, but you can't really fault Nintendo for this show of respect. It would be a bit insensitive to start announcing new games and Smash Bros. characters while so many of Nintendo's neighbors are recovering from a natural disaster.

As for the content of the Direct, the only information Nintendo offered in advance was that it would focus on Switch and 3DS games. They've already had several Direct's in recent weeks, including one totally dedicated to Smash Bros. Ultimate and a couple that focused on Nindies. That being the case, it seems likely this next Direct will focus on the handful of big 3DS games Nintendo still needs to finalize details for, as well as any big launches for games and DLC expected on the Switch heading into 2019.

Rumor has it that Nintendo still has a few Smash Bros. characters to announce, so much of the buzz is that another reveal will be made during the upcoming Direct, with another possibly popping up during the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Otherwise, Nintendo has moved into full hype mode for upcoming first-party titles like Super Mario Party, and additional fall games like Starlink would have been likely suspects to make an appearance during the presentation originally scheduled for this past Thursday.

But, again, it's not like Nintendo has simply called the whole thing off. They fully plan to launch the Direct and fill gamers in on what they can expect from the 3DS and Switch in the coming months, just not hot on the heels of a tragedy.