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Destiny 2's Temporal Surge Brings Back Old Emotes

Guardians stand back to back in Destiny 2.

A new feature went live in Destiny 2 this week that will allow players to snag in-game goodies they might have missed. It's called a "Temporal Surge," and its first inventory is all about emotes.

Having limited time offerings in a video game is something of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives players something to chase. On the other hand, it can be a real pain if, despite your best effort or long hours played, you don't get the special item you were hoping for. In Destiny 2, Bungie has come up with a way to address that situation, though only if you're willing to fork over some moolah.

According to a recent blog post, Bungie has introduced a "Temporal Surge" feature in the game's virtual marketplace, the Eververse. That's where Guardians can purchase premium items or gain access to limited items, which are typically granted through Bright Engrams. In case that's confusing, it breaks down like this: After you hit the game's maximum level, your experience gains start rewarding you with Bright Engrams instead of a new level. Those Engrams can be turned in for free cosmetic loot. Bungie even introduced a new Matrix system recently that makes it so you don't get duplicate gear, which is super helpful.

Despite all of that, sometimes players miss out on the sweet new gear, especially the more rare Exotic items. The solution is the Temporal Surge, a new wing of the Eververse storefront where items that are no longer part of the random roll can be obtained for Silver. You get Silver for spending real-world money at a rate of 100 Silver for a buck.

As noted above, the first inventory for the Temporal Surge is a bunch of emotes that were available for the first year in Destiny 2, before the Forsaken update, but have since been removed from the rotation. These include the popular selfie emote and the one that has your Guardian sweeping the floor. Those two Exotic emotes will set you back 10 Silver, while eight Legendary emotes are 500 Silver apiece and another eight Rare emotes are 200 Silver each.

This first group of Temporal Surge offerings will be available through 9 a.m. PST on Nov. 13 so, if there's something you want to add to your collection, you've got a little less than a week to make it happen.

It's important to note that the Rare and Legendary emotes are the same as they were when they were originally available while the Exotic Emotes will have recolored effects. So folks who like to claim that they earned their Exotic emote while others bought theirs will still be able to prove their superiority, or something, I guess.

There's no telling what the next inventory refresh will bring to Destiny 2, but the Eververse has a lot to work with. From Sparrows and ships to Ghost shells and armor, they can probably keep the virtual shelves full for some time to come.

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