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One of the coolest new features to make its way into Fortnite is the Creative Mode. It's designed to allow gamers to build small instances within the game that encapsulates the player's creativity. Well, one gamer decided to recreate Andy's toy room from the movie Toy Story, and it looks amazing.

The tweet from B/R Gaming features a minute long clip that was originally posted up on Instagram from user sevyamifidan. It features a recreation of Andy's room from Disney's highly popular Toy Story. It starts with the player character behind what appears to be a toy truck. He runs out from the corner and uses a space shuttle glider to make his way over to the desk where there's a booster pad that allows him to glide around the room some more.

We see a dresser with a small bonsai tree on top, along with with Andy's bed tucked away in the corner of the room. A slightly oversized chair-couch is pushed up against the wall in front of a desk with a giant monitor on it. A separate desk sits beside it with a smaller chair, while a construction set on a wooden table is next to that desk.

There's a toy box in between the computer workstation and Andy's bed, with a smattering of toys littering the floor. Seevyamifidan makes his way to a small plane on the floor and further explores the room through flight.

As explained by ComicBook.com, the Creative Mode has been widely popular in the game, and many gamers have been using it to create all sorts of crazy stuff, including the tower from Teen Titans. As noted in the article, the recreation of Andy Davis' room from Toy Story is made all the more impressive because the tools in Fortnite's Creative Mode are fairly limited. Even still, it's pretty easy to recognize the location if you're familiar with the movie.

The mode also will hook into Fortnite's Battle Royale mode, where Epic Games will highlight specific creations that players make and put them on what's called The Block. This is where the drive-in theater used to be known as Risky Reels. The empty lot will now play host to special user-made creations that will be highlighted and on display for all to see no matter which server you play on.

This has been one of Epic's most epic endeavors for Fortnite in an attempt to keep the game feeling fresh, as well as giving gamers an opportunity to feel empowered to change the world. This all took place shortly after Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph 2 popped up on screen and right during this year's The Game Awards.

It's likely that this homage to Toy Story is just the beginning of the creative prowess that will be on display in Fortnite as more players begin to explore their creative side and make use of the Creative Mode in the popular, free-to-play Battle Royale game.