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Twitch Streamer Puts 95 Hours Into Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Before Finding Tutorial

Artwork of Link from Breath of the Wild.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild boasts a diverse cast of enemies and a handy arsenal of abilities to help Link overcome them. Unless you are Twitch streamer negaoryx, who completely missed the tutorial.

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One of the risks you take with creating an open-world game is that the player might completely miss a bit of vital information. That's why many such games keep players confined to a starting area for the first few hours of the game, where they'll undergo a handful of tutorials before heading out into the world.

In Breath of the Wild, there is indeed a starting area, but it only teaches you the absolute basics of combat before letting players sail to wherever the wind may take them. The game does a pretty good job of guiding players to where they "should" probably head next but, as streamer negaoryx learned, it's super easy to miss an important milestone along the way.

As outlined by Polygon, negaoryx was deep into a blind run of Breath of the Wild and, when I say deep, I mean she had been streaming the game for a combined 95 hours when she decided to double back to one of the game's earlier locations.

In Kakariko Village, one of the first locations you're likely to discover after diving into the wider world of Breath of the Wild, there is a shrine where players are taught the slightly more complicated yet infinitely more helpful maneuvers you can pull off in the game. This is where players learn how to side-hop and backflip to more easily avoid attacks, parry and pull off a flurry rush, which lets you dive forward in slow motion and really put the hurt on an enemy.

When negaoryx said she was doing a blind run of the game, she meant it. She didn't read up on what to expect, use a guide or even rely on hints from her audience to guide the way. She just wanted to leap in and have everyone experience the adventure alongside her, through the good times and the bad.

The tweet posted above is a set of clips wherein she discovers the "crucial" abilities for advanced combat in the latest Zelda game, though it could be argued that they aren't all that crucial if she managed to get through three of the game's four Divine Beasts without using them.

As noted in the comments that follow, the fact that nega was able to get so far in the game without those abilities is a testament to her skill in the game. Others point out how this is one of the pitfalls of designing such an open game and taking the chance that players won't notice something important. Still, you can see in the clips just how frustrated she is, as she's probably thinking about how much easier some of those fights spread across 95 hours would have been had she learned these skills earlier on.

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