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Fire Emblem Heroes Nintendo

Nintendo's mobile efforts have been hit and miss. Some of the games that the company put out have managed to make mega-bucks, while others have kind of faded into obscurity. One game that absolutely has not faded into obscurity is Fire Emblem Heroes, and Nintendo has some big plans for the game heading into the new year.

Perfectly Nintendo is reporting that the Android and iOS Fire Emblem game will receive some major events and updates heading into the new year. After festivities wrap up on December 31st, 2018, the new year will be ushered in with a New Year's Celebration event that goes live on January 1st and will run up through January 15th, 2019. This includes a 10th Tempest Trials event called the "Alliance of Princesses," along with a new set of quests for the Tempest Trials, and a Summoning Focus called the New Year's of Fire and Ice -- sort of like a riff on A Song of Ice and Fire, better known to most people as Game of Thrones.

The New Year's Celebration also includes new story maps, including Paralogue Story, several new quests, and two new bundles in the form of the Ice Princess and Fire Princess packs.

Things slow down ever-so-slightly on January 2nd with a single event called the 6th Forging Bonds, but details on that event have not emerged for Fire Emblem Heroes. We do know that the following day, on January 3rd, there will be a brand new event featuring the first round of the 19th Voting Gauntlet New Year's Showdown, along with several new quests that will be available between January 3rd and January 5th. You'll also receive a special daily log-in bonus between January 3rd and January 9th. Warframe players should be familiar with the log-in bonuses, as it's an easy way to earn free gear.

January 4th will offer another Summoning Focus for Klein and Clarine's Battle, along with a Bound Hero Battle event featuring Kelin and Clarine. This event will be available up until January 12th.

January 5th and January 6th will both offer new Fire Emblem Heroes quests, including introducing the second round of the 19th Voting Gauntlet event, followed by Aether Raids and the third round of the 19th Voting Gauntlet on January 7th. A new set of quests will then go live on January 8th and will be available up until January 22nd.

And finally, on January 11th there will be a Summoning Focus that goes live, but the details on that event have not been made available just yet. A log-in bonus will return and will be available up until January 25th, enabling gamers to earn free orbs every single day just for logging in. And there will be a special store promo featuring special orbs that will be available until January 25th, along with a special event called the 6th Forging Bonds.

So January will be a jam-packed month for Fire Emblem Heroes gamers. It's definitely an exciting time to be a Nintendo mobile player, even if games like Super Mario Run and Miitomo never really became the smash hit that people expected. Even still, you can grab a free version of Fire Emblem Heroes right now from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store.