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The Nintendo 3DS features a text messaging application called Swapnote (aka Nintendo Letter Box). It's just meant for simple communication between friends but one game design student has used the program to create a Dungeon and Dragon-style role-playing game.

Using the graph paper stationery provided by Swapnote, the Dungeon Master can draw a level and even embed audio files for extra flavor. They send the dungeon, room by room, to players. Players then respond with their actions. Combat is resolved through the usual dice-rolling.

There's an expression that I can't remember about limitations spurring creativity. I'd say this is a good example of that. This guy took a text messaging app and managed to make it into a gaming platform.QQQQQQQQQQ

At the end of the video, the designer - Ben Gray - asks for help with fleshing out the idea even further. If you're interested, or have any questions, you can contact him through the comments section of the video's YouTube posting.

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