5 DOOM Easter Eggs You Might Not Have Noticed

The best part about playing video games is hunting around for Easter Eggs. Many developers nowadays know that people will purposefully hunt through a game to find Easter Eggs, so not including any feels like a sin. These five Easter Eggs in DOOM will certainly have you hunting around the next time you log in to play the game.




If you pay attention to DOOM, you’ll be able to find a special lever that gains you access into a room. If you walk through these doors, you’ll suddenly find yourself in a rendition of a level from the first DOOM game, and yes the graphics look very 90’s. But if you’re a true lover of classic DOOM games, it will be a sweet nostalgic treat showcasing a time when first-person shooters were much simpler. 


Fake Easter Egg

Many have claimed that the Sean Bean Easter Egg is a real Easter Egg, but it isn’t. Many people thought Sean Bean was listed as id Software’s lead campaign producer as a joke because of how much Sean Bean’s characters die in movies. But in actuality, the actual lead campaign producer’s name is Sean Bean and it’s not the actor we all know and love. So you could call it an accidental Easter Egg. 

Terminator 2

One Reddit user happened to find this moment in the new DOOM game and made a GIF out of the heart-wrenching moment from Terminator 2. But to experience it, you have to make sure you die in the molten lava. True Terminator fans (like me!) will fully appreciate this nod to the James Cameron film from 1992. And it might even make you tear up a little bit. 


A Hidden Gem

In DOOM, if you search Lazarus Labs up and down, you might be able to find this lovely mini-game. It works a lot like the game Bejeweled where you have to match the images in threes. And the images are of course pictures of enemies from DOOM. Does anyone else think Bethesda should make this into its own addictive mobile game? Because I could easily spend hours playing this mini-game. 


Nuclear Fallout

On one of the doors in DOOM, you can see a sticker that was stickered over with another sticker and it reads “Vault Tec Labs.” And if you’re a Fallout fan, then you know Vault Tec is the company in the Fallout games. It’s a nice little nod to other Bethesda games, since Bethesda was also the publisher of DOOM. And it’s always fun to see these little nuances added in to flavor up the gameplay.