The Division has been the center of controversy and conflict since players have been complaining of hackers and cheaters in the apocalyptic wasteland. And while Ubisoft only just started sending out the massive waves of bans, hopefully many players have been treading lightly. But if you took advantage of The Division’s glitches and didn’t get banned, here are some tips to help you survive without cheating your way through the game.

1. Kill Or Be Killed In The Dark Zone
The Dark Zone is a horrible and highly contested area where the most vicious of players hide and wait for their prey. You aren’t going to survive without killing someone (plus, you don’t get any sweet rewards unless you do kill). If you want to survive The Dark Zone, or even the rest of the map, stealth will only get you so far. Every once in awhile, you’re going to have to shoot someone dead to get where you need to go.

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