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5 The Division Tips For Surviving The Game Without Cheating

The Division has been the center of controversy and conflict since players have been complaining of hackers and cheaters in the apocalyptic wasteland. And while Ubisoft only just started sending out the massive waves of bans, hopefully many players have been treading lightly. But if you took advantage of The Division’s glitches and didn’t get banned, here are some tips to help you survive without cheating your way through the game.


1. Kill Or Be Killed In The Dark Zone

The Dark Zone is a horrible and highly contested area where the most vicious of players hide and wait for their prey. You aren’t going to survive without killing someone (plus, you don’t get any sweet rewards unless you do kill). If you want to survive The Dark Zone, or even the rest of the map, stealth will only get you so far. Every once in awhile, you’re going to have to shoot someone dead to get where you need to go.


2. Attack With Grenades

In a world where everyone seems to be achingly ruthless, it’s important to throw out the most damage you can do when initiating an attack. And if that means tossing a few grenades to clear out the newbs or scatter those in the wrong place at the wrong time, then so be it. You’ll want to keep your grenades handy as you go traipsing around the map because it’s going to be the best way to deal a good amount of damage before you have to use actual skills to point a gun and shoot.


Image courtesy of MoviePilot

3. Don’t Be A Hero And Do Difficult Missions

We all have that one friend that thinks no matter what level they are, they can and will defeat the high-level missions. Well, in The Division, you will not succeed. And if you do, it’s a total fluke. Stick to missions and enemies that are no more than one more level above you, because beyond that things can get quite hairy. And trying to show off for your friends will just turn the situation into a gigantic and embarrassing failure.


4. Go At It Solo

I’ve seen some other articles recommend that you never go along in The Division alone. But alas, if you have more than two people in your party, missions can become overwhelmingly difficult. When I played The Division, I played by myself and I didn’t have any problem walking around in broad daylight. Completing the missions alone was a tad more difficult because I didn’t have anyone backing me up, but after numerous tries, I was able to complete them. So it’s not impossible and it’s deliciously challenging—I was quite satisfied. But just be aware, the more people you add to your party, the more difficult the missions will become.


5. Running Away Is Okay

In real life, those who run from the fight might seem like cowards. But in The Division, it’s just the opposite. Whenever you’re ambushed and you know you won’t be able to come out of it alive, get the hell out of there and don’t feel ashamed for doing so. If survival really is that important to you in The Division, you’ll use your fight or flight skills and fly the heck out of there, for your own sake.