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There are plenty of games out there that aim to make us laugh. However, what's really interesting is when the community manages to find comedy in unexpected places. They use an otherwise-serious game or device as inspiration for videos that make us laugh.

There are too many funny gaming videos out there to be able to credit all of them. Here's a tribute to the best of the best from 2014, though.

Luigi Death Stare
Whoever designed Mario Kart 8's version of Luigi gave him an unexpectedly angry expression. This simple change to his character design changed our impression of the character completely. Mario's unassuming brother is now stone-cold competitor, staring down anyone foolish enough to challenge him on the race track. The "death stare" video released this spring, set to "Riding Dirty" by Chamillionaire, perfectly summed up his new personality.
Expiration Date
While the other videos on this list were created by gamers, "The Expiration Date" is a short Team Fortress 2 film made by Valve themselves. In this hilarious video, the Engineer and Medic discover an unexpected side effect of the teleporters they've been using in battles for years. If you enjoyed the "Meet the..." videos created earlier in TF2's life, you'll like this even more. It's a strong reminder that Valve's got some of the funniest writers in the industry on their staff.
Human Bullets
GTA Online players have used its massive sandbox to create loads of funny videos. The "Human Bullet" video from this spring might be the best of the bunch, though. A group of players leap out of helicopters and try to land on their friends waiting below. The result is a lot of death and destruction. It's the sort of bizarre experiment that only a group of seriously bored players could cook up. This video demonstrates how imaginative players can find new ways to make a game entertaining.
What's An NES?
Believe it or not, Nintendo's first console is over thirty years old now. This means that there are plenty of young gamers who have never seen one before, much less played it. In this video, a group of teenagers (including Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams) are introduced to the NES for the first time. Their complete ignorance about the console and their first awkward moments with Super Mario Bros. will make you feel a lot better about being old.
Rust Interviewer
Rust can be an unforgiving game. Players regularly rob or kill each other for equipment. YouTuber Argyle Alligator decided to interview the ruthless, trigger-happy denizens of Rust using the survival game's voice chat. Other players' responses to his attempts at investigative journalism are priceless. His interviewers are cruel, weird, paranoid and sometimes friendly. This is a hilarious look at the tense player relations at the heart of the game.

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