Not all of the biggest announcements this summer came during E3. Publishers had some huge news to share this past week in Cologne, Germany. These games could turn out to be some of the best of 2015 or beyond.

Here are the games revealed at Gamescom 2014 that really caught our attention. We've included the confirmed platforms and release window for each game as well. The projects are early in development, though, so this information could change.

Silent Hills
Release Date: Unknown
Platforms: PS4

The Silent Hill franchise has been in a sorry state for the past few years. Several studios have tried and failed to hit the high notes that Silent Hill reached in its early games. Konami's determined to resurrect the franchise, though, so they've handed off the next game to their best studio: Kojima Productions.

They've also enlisted some extra star power for Silent Hills. Hideo Kojima will be collaborating with Hellboy and Pacific Rim Guillermo del Toro in crafting the game. The main character is played by Norman Reedus, best known as Daryl in The Walking Dead TV show.

On paper, Silent Hills sounds great. They've got skilled developers, A-level talent from Hollywood, and the striking Fox Engine from Metal Gear Solid 5. This won't necessarily translate into a great game. However, Silent Hills has some serious potential.
Release Date: Spring 2015
Platforms: Xbox One and Xbox 360

A lot of people like designing rollercoasters. A lot of people like watching hapless video game people die horrible deaths. ScreamRide is in the middle of this Venn diagram.

The game lets players create futuristic rollercoasters and other rides. Then you put some poor souls in the ride and flip the "on" switch. The sci-fi setting allows for some really impressive creations.

If your ride doesn't work as intended, well, then the game even gets better. The ride and its supports will crumble with realistic physics, leading to some very funny disasters. This seems like the kind of game that's going to inspire some great YouTube videos.
Overkill's The Walking Dead
Release Date: 2016
Platforms: Unknown

Walking Dead fans have already received a great adventure game series thanks to Telltale. However, they're still waiting for a quality Walking Dead shooter. Last year's Merle and Daryl game Survival Instinct turned out to be a disaster.

Overkill's newly revealed Walking Dead game could be the shooter fans have been hoping for. The co-op first-person shooter is said to combine role-playing, stealth and survival horror elements into a brand-new storyline. Players will have to fight for their lives in Washington following the zombie outbreak.

The studio has proved their skill at crafting shooters with the PAYDAY series. The Walking Dead sounds like a far more ambitious project thanks to the multiple genres it's drawing on. Still, if Overkill rises to the challenge, this could be a real stand-out in a genre flooded with zombie shooters.
Release Date: Unknown
Platforms: PS4

One of the most unexpected announcements at Gamecom was WiLD. This survival adventure game is in development at a new studio called Wild Sheep. That company's name might not ring a bell, but the co-founder's does: Micel Ancel. He's the creator of the innovative series Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil.

WiLD sounds just as unique as Ancel's previous work. Players will travel across a primitive world "the size of Europe" with seasons and dynamic weather. They'll work alone or with friends to survive in these harsh wilderness.

You won't just play as humans, though. Apparently all of the animals are playable. You could be a wolf, horse or even a fish. I have no idea how playing a trout fits into the wider game but I'm still intrigued. WiLD may turn out to be a very distinct and interesting addition to the PS4's library.
Shadow Realms
Release Date: 2015
Platforms Confirmed: PC

In the weeks leading up to Gamescom, BioWare seemed to be teasing a new horror game. The project they announced, Shadow Realms, turned out to be quite different than that.

Shadow Realms, like BioWare's earliest games, is inspired by pen-and-paper RPG's. A team of four players works together to explore dungeons full of traps and monsters. There are six character classes to choose from, each with distinct sets of abilities and equipment.

The game also has a modern twist, though. The Shadowlord, played by a fifth person, will do anything to stop the players. They can use spells, creatures and traps to kill them. This puppet master ensures that each dungeon crawl will turn out different from the last.

BioWare's first burst onto the scene with PC RPG's based on tabletop gaming. This return to their roots could be great news for PC gamers.
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