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Games are what will determine whether or not PlayStation VR and competing virtual reality technologies will succeed. Fortunately, Sony's lined up some interesting titles lined up for their VR headset.

The following games are some of the most interesting PlayStation VR titles announced so far, in no particular order:

Robinson: The Journey
Robinson: The Journey puts players in the shoes of a young boy whose ship has crash-landed on a unknown planet. They quickly discover that the planet is inhabited by dinosaurs, many of which aren't too welcoming to a helpless child. Other than running from dinosaurs and trying not to be crushed by their giant feet, it's unclear what the gameplay will be like. Crytek's been keeping the game under wraps thus far. The incredible visuals and sound design for adventure make us very curious about how the end product will turn out, though.
RIGS: Mechanized Combat League
Guerrilla Games is working on a new shooter but it's not another Killzone. Instead, RIGS depicts a near future in which humans battle in heavily-armed mechs for spectators throughout the world. Even though these mechs (the titular "RIGS") are toting around some serious weaponry, they can run and leap with incredible speed. It makes a lot of other multiplayer shooters on the market look, frankly, sluggish. It seems like a game well-suited to virtual reality because we'll be able to feel just how fast these RIGS really are.
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes turns bomb defusal into a party game. One player must disable a ticking bomb while their friends read the instructional manual and provide them guidance on how to disarm each module on the device. The defuser can't look at the manual so communication is everything. The player will also have to deal with unexpected obstacles like blackouts. It sounds like players will have just as much failing as they will succeeding. The positive reception that the PC version received on launch this month should only increase PlayStation gamers' anticipation.
The London Heist
The London Heist, like RIGS, feels like it's squarely aimed at the core gamers that Sony is trying to woo to PlayStation VR. Heist lets players participate in daring robberies. The brief snippets of gameplay we've seen from this year showed stealth, gunfights and a car chase. There aren't nearly enough heist games out there so we're fully onboard with this. This game could also convince a bunch of action-adventure fans to give Sony's virtual reality a try as well.
Virtual reality lets the user explore environments they might never otherwise visit. In the case of Adrift, players will be able to explore the vacuum of space. They will become Commander Alex Oshima, an astronaut whose space station has been destroyed. They have to travel through the wreckage in zero gravity and complete various tasks to repair the vehicle that will take them home. Furthermore, the player needs to keep finding oxygen tanks so they won't suffocate. Their vision will blur Along the way, they'll find logs that will explain exactly what happened to the station. It sounds like the sort of game that virtual reality was designed for in the first place.
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