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With the DOOM release coming up later this Spring, fans are impatient as the release day draws nearer. DOOM captures an essence of childhood for many people, and the new DOOM installment from id Software shouldn’t be any different. Here are five things we know about the upcoming shooter favorite.

1. Health Pick-Ups
Isn’t it great when in games like Call Of Duty, you get injured and all you have to do is find a quiet place to hunker down and heal up to continue the fight? Well, that’s luxury isn’t going to be present in the new DOOM game. Instead, players will have to scramble around for health pick-ups to stay alive—amidst all of the chaos. This goes along nicely with the fast-paced gameplay in DOOM so that it isn’t slowed down by having to stop and let your health regenerate.
2. New Weapons Join Old Ones
Not only will some of fans’ favorite weapons return, but there will also be newer weapons added in the new DOOM game. For example, the Gauss Cannon is only available during multiplayer matches and will get the player a one-hit kill. The static cannon, another new weapon in DOOM, increases power the more you move around, which again encourages the fast pace present throughout much of DOOM. At this point I think it’s appopriate to say that you should just embrace the chaotic pace of DOOM because almost every aspect of the game instigates it.
3. The Action Is Fast
Just like in past DOOM games, the pace of the gameplay will be extremely quick and chaotic. You’ll always be constantly moving to get away from enemies, to find enemies or locate health pick-ups. And to make things go by even faster, killing enemies will give you a ton of health pick-ups anyways, so you can always stay moving. You’ll never have to feel like you need to slow down to locate more health or heal or find a weapon, you won’t even have a choice.
4. The Multiplayer Will Feel Familiar
If you’re a fan of Quake games, then the multiplayer portion of the new DOOM won’t feel very different from Quake’s famed multiplayer—and that’s a good thing. I can’t tell you how many times I threw away hours playing Quake, and then years later I picked up Quake Live to revisit a multiplayer style I thought had been lost. Invincibility and Quad Damage power-ups will be making a comeback, so fans can rejoice for that, but some new power-ups like the Pentagram power-up let you transform into a demon. As this demon called the Revenant, you can fly around the map with a jetpack and bring down a shower of rockets. And this is just one of the new additions to the multiplayer mode in the new DOOM.
5. Collector’s Edition
The Premium Collector’s Edition of DOOM will include a 12-inch figurine of the Revenant that spins slowly on a base lit with LED lights and a steel case for the game itself. The special Collector’s Edition will put you back $119.99, but if you’re a true hardcore DOOM fan, the Revenant statue might be well worth the price. Both the standard and the Collector’s Edition come with the free multiplayer pack also, which includes skins, colors and patterns for weapons and armor.

DOOM is expected to release May 13 of this year. For more information, you can check out the official website.