74.83% Of Gamers Prefer PS4 To Xbox One In IGN's Pre-E3 Poll

[Update: The PS4's DRM policies have been clarified, there are no used game fees and no rental blockages]

Out of a total of 310,397 user votes spanning four categories comparing the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 in IGN's site-wide pre-E3 poll, the PlayStation 4 came out on top in each and every category. The poll results, of course, have been tallied up before gamers found out that Sony has made it clear that the PS4 will not have mandatory used game DRM, fees or internet activation. The company also made it clear that they will be launching the PS4 as a games console to appeal to core gamers first and foremost.

Anyway, before Sony cleared up any confusion, IGN's poll still showed a great deal of favor towards the Xbox One in just about every category. The main one, though, the one that counts was the one that received the most telling numbers. The poll asked which console gamers overall preferred between Sony and Microsoft's upcoming machines and here are the results:

Xbox One: 21,307

PlayStation 4: 63,342

Out of the total 84,649 votes, 74.83% of gamers took to favoring the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One. It's not really surprising why that would be, given that the Xbox One supports used game fees, the console's Kinect is mandatory and always-on even in low power mode (and you cannot use the Xbox One console without Kinect). There's also the mandatory 24 hour check-in to ensure you aren't using any pirated or illegal software and the whole lack of backwards compatibility for everything.

I know the hashtag #WaitForE3 is full up of Microsoft fanboys still hoping that things will turn around like a pedophile out of prison aiming to get reformed, but I'm really at the point of saying: what kind of game can they possibly show you that would have you willing to give up your rights as a consumer, as a product owner and as a gamer just so your thumbs can tap that action on the new controller?

Anyway, the only part of the poll I highly disagree with is the part where the PS4 controller edged out over the Xbox One controller. Plain and simple the XB1 controller looks like someone took the shell of a perfect gamepad and then poured sexy all over that black design. I'm sorry, it's delicious looking.

Poll votes aside, it looks like there's a unanimous movement in the gaming community moving towards the console that both represents what we seek out of traditional gaming as well as the console that doesn't infringe on our basic rights as consumers.

I'm convinced that the next generation of gaming will be a hard fought battle between Nintendo and Sony, with Microsoft picking up the scraps. That's assuming they don't completely do a 180 and reverse all their anti-consumer policies pronto.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.