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After reporting on Monday that Microsoft wouldn't release a new Xbox Live Arcade game this week - in anticipation of everyone playing Grand Theft Auto 4 - I started to wonder whether we'd ever see the first or second installments of GTA on Live Arcade. Then, in a creepy coincidence, a rumor sprang up yesterday that GTA2 might be hitting PSN and XBLA. Turns out it's bull, though.

The folks over at noticed that the Rockstar Games website had a GTA2 counter that was ticking down to May 26th. They assumed this meant GTA2 might be hitting Xbox Live Arcade or Playstation Network. As it turns out, though, this timer is actually from 1999 - it was originally counting down the release of GTA2 on Playstation One. Through some magical glitch in its code, it's still chugging along.

It would've been cool to have an Xbox Live-supported version of GTA2 to play around with but it's not a big loss, though. You can actually download the first two Grand Theft Auto games onto your PC for free from Rockstar's website. Each game file is about 300+ MB and has been configured to work with modern PC's (no guarantees, though).

Those of you who would be interested in downloading them are probably busy playing Grand Theft Auto 4 but I'd recommend trying the old 2D games someday. You'd be surprised how similar the core gameplay is.

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