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The little story that could. That’s what the “My Lips” phenomenon popping up on RSS feeds today really is. Supposedly these “lips” (and yes I’ll continue to annoy everyone with quotation marks) are going to be some new peripheral from Microsoft, to be announced at the MS Gamer Day tomorrow. The leading rumor at the moment is that “My Lips” could be some sort of voice input device. Other than End War, I’m not sure what the point would be. And even then…I already have a microphone attached to my Xbox LIVE headset.

Of all the things that could be making the speculative internet rounds today about Microsoft’s Gamer Day presentation, this is a bit disappointing. I’d expect to be hearing about the next console perhaps, or maybe an official announcement that the first DLC pack for GTA IV will feature Tommy Vercetti living in Alderney as a sad retro dude who thinks that we’re really just a few years away from a Café 80s and service by Max Headroom.

We’ll just have to hold our breath and wait to see what great news Microsoft has on “My Lips.”

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