The Game Awards is coming up and one of the big things about the annual awards show that everyone tunes in for are the world premieres. There's really no point in just staying up late at night to just watch people get handed awards, a lot of gamers want to see some games.

Of course, seeing games is one thing but seeing games that aren't out yet are a whole other thing. There are at least a handful of titles that are coming out early in 2016 that should make an appearance at this year's show with new gameplay and features on display. There are also a few games due out sometime by the middle of 2016 that would also be perfect to appear at some point during the show. So we're covering the 8 big reveals to expect at the 2015 Game Awards. Check them out.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst
Electronic Arts and DICE have done squat all to promote Mirror's Edge Catalyst, but that's okay. We should definitely expect to see more of this game at The Game Awards given that the title has been dormant since GamesCom earlier this year. Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a response to the high feedback and requests from gamers for more Mirror's Edge content, so hopefully we'll see this title reappear during The Game Awards.

One of the main reasons why this is likely to appear in some form or fashion is because the release date is set for May of 2016. They'll need to start building an audience for that hype train soon. What better place to start than with The Game Awards? It'll give gamers something nice to talk about heading into the new year as the long wait for spring gets underway.

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