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Seems like this game has been in development for like…forever. Vince Desi and crew are still working on Postal III, which is almost becoming synonymous with the Duke Nukem Forever syndrome of never-getting-done. Anyway, a new trailer was released featuring a rather subdued attempt at garnering laughs as The Dude talks to a therapist.

The trailer is mostly a satirical attempt to garner laughs from in-jokes from the Postal series, including the dude giving commentary on past characters, such as the penis-shaped mascot that runs a buffet called the “Toss Salad”. That’s a giggle-for-a-frat-boy joke right there.

You can check out the new trailer for the game below, with an ending that simply informs viewers that the game will be done when it’s done. Right.

For more info you can visit the Official Postal Website.

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