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Reloaded Productions recently announced the pseudo-sequel to APB: Reloaded called APB: Vendetta. The game takes all the customization awesomeness from Reloaded but turns it into a standalone game of sorts with a one-time pay fee instead of being cash shop oriented like Reloaded. The most striking aspect of the news is that this game will be made for PC and PS4.

Given that Sony has made it exceptionally easy to port games over to PS4, and it's now a cost efficient alternative for many indie PC developers, Reloaded Productions decided to jump on board and announce plans to eventually get APB: Vendetta on to home consoles as soon as possible.

According to Sidequesting, Reloaded Productions made the news clear and apparent at this year's Game Developers Conference, unveiling a Kickstarter campaign for the Max Payne-style APB spin-off, featuring bullet-dodging, akimbo gunplay, asymmetric dual-wielding and melee takedowns.

Unlike Reloaded, Vendetta is a deathmatch focused game taking place in arena-style showdowns instead of the open-world environment. However, the really cool part is that you can cross-breed your premium stuff from APB: Reloaded into APB: Vendetta, and better yet is that the game will have full-on mod support so the community can customize and build new features for APB: Vendetta, just like Half-Life, Killing Floor, Arma or Unreal Tournament.

It would be pretty freaking awesome if this game comes into fruition and manages to become successful enough for G1 to do a true sequel...I don't know, maybe call it APB: Retribution and combine the Hong Kong action combat mechanics from APB: Vendetta with the open-world gameplay and vehicles of APB: Reloaded...plus, maybe some Unreal Engine 4 destruction and environment deformation? One can dream.

Anyway, APB: Vendetta has a $300,000 Kickstarter goal. That's about $100,000 more than the similar but equally ambitious create-a-hero game Project Awakened.

You can pledge some funds or cautiously read over everything, and then some, by visiting the Official Kickstarter Page.