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Brutal Legend won't be delayed after all. Today lawyers from Activision, former publishers of the game, informed the Los Angeles Superior Court that they had reached a settlement with developer Double Fine.

Activision filed a lawsuit earlier this year that stated they still possessed publishing rights to the game. Double Fine later countersued, claiming that Activision had lost interest in Brutal after failing to convert it to a Guitar Hero game. A judge was supposed to rule this morning on whether or not the game's planned October release would be blocked but it's a moot point now.

The popular theory when Activision first filed the lawsuit was that they were merely trying to get some sort of financial compensation from Double Fine or Brutal's new publisher EA. It's possible that's exactly what they got. Considering the amount of money EA has plunked down for marketing the game, they might've figured it was worth it to just toss Activision some money and avoid the possibility of the game being put in limbo by a lengthy lawsuit.

Regardless of what the settlement entails, what it means for gamers is that the game will arrive as schedule on October 13th in North America and October 16th in Europe.