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An insane pre-order campaign rocked the industry for a short time when Nicolas Games announced that Afterfall: Insanity could be pre-ordered for only $1. It was a short-time offer that garnered a lot of attention and plenty of pre-orders. Well, Nicolas Games announced today that anyone who pre-ordered Afterfall: Insanity during the $1 pre-order event, will receive the game at 50% off it's original release price.

Patrick Hamerlak, Director of Marketing at Nicolas Games dropped a few comments on the news, saying...
"We wanted to thank gamers for their continued interest in our games and rewarded them with an insane offer they simply couldn't refuse"..."For the first time, we are giving gamers and not just collectors the rare opportunity to enjoy music composed by the prominent Portuguese composer Pedro Macedo Camacho that truly puts you in the edge of your seat"

Yes, in addition to getting the game for 50% off the original asking price, pre-orderees will also receive the game's chilling soundtrack, for free, with the music composed by Pedro Macedo.

What's more -- and yes, somehow there is more -- Nicolas Games will be donating many of the pre-order proceeds to the charity of the gamer's choice. So not only are these guys knocking all the traditional marketing trends by going in with cheaper-than-expected prices, they're also offering additional content and giving to the poor all at the same time. Remarkable. Oh yeah...eat on that pirates!

You can pre-order horror-survival, third-person shooter, Afterfall: Insanity, right now or learn more about the game by visiting the Official Website.