Alien Vs. Predator Multiplayer Trailer Is A Head-Biting Good Time

Alien vs. Predator developer Rebellion hosted a gamer's day recently to give a select few the chance to try out AvP's multiplayer. Those of us who didn't get to attend will have to settle for a video that hints at the game's online features.

In multiplayer, players will be able to step into the shoes of the Aliens, Predators, or Marines. Each of them has their own unique abilities and gadgets that require different playstyles. Marines' motion sensor and heavy firearms favor a stand-up fight while Aliens' melee attacks and climbing abilities favor sneak attacks

This is all pretty much what you'd expect from the game if you've played the previous AvP titles. Toward the middle someone manages to divulge some new information, though. The multiplayer modes will include deathmatch, a four-player coop mode called "Survivor," and a one-versus-many game type dubbed "Predator Hunt." In Predator Hunt matches, one player steps into the role of a Predator and must survive as long as they can against seven or eight Marines. Whoever kills the Predator becomes him and the game continues.

Last we heard, this game was set for a February 2010 release. If that's still true, you should expect a firm release date soon.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.