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Gearbox Software released a couple new images from Aliens: Colonial Marines this weekend. They seem to depict a couple moments from the game's newly-announced multiplayer mode, Escape.

Escape mode, revealed with a trailer last week, pit a team of Marine players against a team of Xenomorphs. The Marines must flee to an extraction point while the Xenomorphs try to stop them. This should result in many tense moments, as the Marines decide between defending a wounded comrade or leaving him to die.

There are different Xenomorph types for players to choose from in Escape mode. For example, the Soldier xeno has thick armor plating and excels in close-quarters combat. The Spitter, meanwhile, can hit Marines from afar with a squirt of deadly acid. Using these different abilities in tandem will be the key to victory.

Marines will launch in February on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The Wii U version hasn't been dated yet.

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