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Gearbox Software has provided even more screenshots from their squad-based shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines. They show a squad of marines fighting off the Xenomorphs in close quarters.

In Marines, players take on the role of soldiers investigating LV-426, the colony world from Aliens. They're trying to find Ellen Ripley and the rest of her squad. However, what they find is an army of vicious, acid-blooded creatures.

In the campaign, you'll do a lot of A) running away from an overwhelming force of aliens, and B) defending outposts from alien assaults. These shots seem to be mostly the latter. The speed and climbing ability of the Xenomorphs should make them an endlessly entertaining foe for the heavily-armed yet slow marines.

Colonial Marines will arrive on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U on February 12th. The Wii U date might change, though, if Nintendo doesn't get the console out on time.

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