Poor Michael Beihn, seems like that guy could never cut a break in major motion pictures...with his character always ending up dead in big budget movies. Fans of Beihn's Corporal Hicks from James Cameron's Aliens will get to see the marine for a final time as he warns the other marines about the dangers of Hadley's Hope.

IGN managed to get first dibs on the new trailer, which rolls out a very different story setting than what was talked about many years ago when the game was first announced on the cover story of Game Informer. Nevertheless, it seems to fit the continuity of the movie series a bit more and maybe – considering that it's supposed to be canon – will explain some of the missing links to bridge what happens between Aliens and Alien 3 together. Check out the trailer below.

The gameplay segments were kept quite concise, though I imagine it's because they could have been overhauled since the showing two years ago, which wasn't entirely impressive. The game has a good look and is using the exact same color grading that James Cameron and crew used to film Aliens, but the E3 demo basically gave us an Aliens: Modern Warfare vibe that felt like Call of Duty: Colonial Marines more than an Aliens game. The run-and-gun mechanics and fast-as-a-jackrabbit gun play diminished all the horror elements and hopefully the team worked hard to bring back the dread and scares that come from the bipedal alien monsters.

You can look for Aliens: Colonial Marines to launch for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC in early 2013. Need more info? Feel free to visit the Official Website.

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