Aliens Vs Predator From 1999 Remade In CryEngine 3

I'm almost convinced that maybe big game companies should work on game engines and then let the modding community actually work on the games. A lone armchair warrior going by the user name Oldschoo.Dave, has released a new video promoting his mod based on Fox Interactive and Rebellion's 1999 first-person shooter Aliens Vs Predator.

The mod is aptly called Aliens Vs Marines because Dave hasn't gotten around to adding Predators into the mod and from the sound of it, he may not ever get around to doing so because he doesn't like Predators (booo!). Still, the mod itself captures the scares, atmosphere and intensity that we usually associate with the Aliens franchise. Check it out below.

I'm floored. Seriously.

That is how you make a first-person, horror-shooter. The tension, the pace, the atmosphere, the lighting. Dave did everything right in how he utilized the CryEngine 3 to convey an intense and engaging experience.

A lot of the forum goers over at the Crydev forum are speculating that the video will be removed soon and that the copyright holders will be sending out cease and desist letters soon. This is not uncommon given that many other mods based on the Aliens vs Predator brand have been curb stomped into oblivion thanks to copyright holders.

I really hope Dave can continue his work on the mod and I'd love to see how he handles the AI and combat. The sound in particular was executed superbly and he did an amazing job capturing the feel of Aliens, something that was missing in Rebellion's recent Aliens Vs Predator game.

We'll keep you posted if Dave manages to advance the mod to a playable format. For now he's just fleshing out the marine campaign.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.