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Ubisoft announced a new installment in their Anno city-building and real-time strategy series. Anno 2070 brings the series into the future for the first time.

In Anno 2070, global warming and rising sea levels have reshaped the Earth's surface. It's your job to pick up the pieces and forge a new empire. You'll have two factions to choose from: the industrial-minded Tycoons and the environmentally friendly Ecos. Your choices will affect the environment, the look of your cities, and the needs of your people.

The game can be played both offline and online. You can opt for a single-player story mode that tasks you with completing challenges. You can also play a solo "continuous" mode that lets you build a civilization for as long as you want. Multiplayer details weren't provided but the press release notes the game will feature "innovative online modes."

Anno 2070 will hit the PC this winter. The first screenshots, demonstrating the new graphics engine, are below.

If you're a U.S. gamer and have no idea what the Anno series is, that's because the games are generally released under different names here. For example, Anno 1404 was released as Dawn of Discovery in the States. No word yet on what Anno 2070's American name will be.