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Some gamers have proclaimed this generation of gaming as the age of remasters. I can't argue with that sentiment given that many of the popular titles from sixth and seventh gen are being re-released in HD renditions or updated with spiffier graphics. One of Square's late great Final Fantasy titles for the PS2 will join the library of HD remasters starting in 2017.

According to Engadget, Final Fantasy XII will see its HD re-release on the PlayStation 4 starting some time in 2017, and it will even have a subtitle annexed to it in the form of The Zodiac Age. And yes, the game is coming to both North America and Europe.

The game isn't just getting an HD overhaul, though. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog by Square Enix producer Hiroaki Kato, the re-release will feature an all new map overlay system, improved controls, faster load times, all new Trophy support, cloud saves and Share functionality.

Square and Sony wanted to give gamers a look at Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age in action with an HD trailer that basically pans through various environments, locations and familiar places from the PS2 release, all rendered in HD for the PlayStation 4.

As you can see in the trailer above, the resolution for both the screen rendering and the texture filtering has been improved. You won't have to worry about seeing sharper lines but muddied textures, which is sometimes a problem with some games that get the HD treatment. Square ensured that the game is clean and clear all the way around.

Now some of you might be wondering exactly why Final Fantasy XII is entitled The Zodiac Age? Well, according to the blog post when the JRPG released in Japan for the PS2, it had a couple of features that did not make it into the North American release. One of these features was the character growth system and the improved interface system. Both of these features will make the cut in the HD re-release of Final Fantasy XII.

What's more is that Square has taken the time to completely remaster the game's soundtrack, and re-recorded some of the background music from the Final Fantasy title using newer, higher quality production recording equipment with support for up to 7.1 true Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Of course, Square is also considerate of Final Fantasy purists out there and they have left in the option to play the entire game through with the original score as well.

They don't give a definitive release date on when we can expect to see Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age released on the PlayStation 4, but we do know that it's coming at some point in 2017. It looks like Square really wants to push the Final Fantasy brand as hard as possible both before the release of Final Fantasy XV and after its release.

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