The fourth title in Sony's PlayStation Mobile free game givaway is live, allowing folks with a PlayStation Vita or PlayStation-certified mobile device to download side-scrolling shooter Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender free of charge for the next week.

Sony launched this latest campaign a few weeks ago, already giving away copies of Samurai Beatdown, Beat Sliders and Cubixx. With two more weeks to go in the promotion, SCEA Director of Emerging Platforms Chris Mahoney dropped by the PlayStation Blog recently to reveal Aqua Kitty as the latest entry in the free game lineup.

“The action-oriented, side-scrolling shooter puts you in charge of a team of cats whose mission is to search the depths of the oceans for massive reserves of tasty milk buried underground,” Mahoney said. “This game is a side-scroller's dream and reminds gamers of the intense action, cool music and colorful graphics of the 16-bit era.”

Dugan Jackson, founder of developer Tikipod, said that Aqua Kitty was directly influenced by similar titles he used to play back in the '80s, including R-Type and Raiden.

Sony's goal for these free games was to make more folks aware of the types entertainment being offered by the PlayStation Mobile catalog. The free games we've seen so far have all been from pretty decent genres and, again, they're free, so who wouldn't be willing to try them out at that price?

If you have a PlayStation Vita or PlayStation-certified device, simply head into the PlayStation Mobile tab on the Vita store or the PlayStation Mobile app on your mobile device and do a quick search for Aqua Kitty. Download it for free, play it, then head back next week to see what other game Sony will be giving away.

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