One of the things that's been missing from movies lately is overkill. Action films have transition out of the era of Arnold, Seagal, Stallone and Van Damme (with the exception of the Expendables) but thankfully for those of us who love our bad-action entertainment, it comes in spades with EA's upcoming Army of Two: Devil's Cartel. In fact, they named a trailer after that era called “overkill”.

The trailer is typical Army of Two, dudebro-style action with a flair for cinematic set pieces and tons of explosions. It's tongue-in-cheek and cheesy as a Kraft convention, but it's oh-so-enjoyable and fans of the first two titles will probably have lots of excitement to spare after watching the trailer.

That was a fun-filled ride of explosive proportions.

It reminded me of Richard Donner's earlier Lethal Weapon films. I also think the whole blockbuster thing kind of works for Army of Two...not every game needs big destructive set pieces or Michael Bay 'Splosions, but they really seem to help bring the game to life in this case.

You can look for Army of Two: Devil's Cartel to launch later this year for the Xbox 360 and PS3. As always, pre-order DLC is readily available for those of you willing to purchase the game early. You can also visit the Official Website to learn more.

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