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Assassin's Creed 3 will be the first game in the series to let you hunt wildlife. You won't just be indiscriminately murdering animals, though. Ubisoft is trying to make the process more meaningful.

To successfully hunt game, Connor needs to be a silent tracker. He uses his Eagle Sense to find clues to an animal's whereabouts, like a broken branch or nibbled leaves. These tracks will eventually lead you to your prey.

When you find the animal you're hunting, you don't just run up and decapitate it. Instead, the goal is to sneak up and use your hidden wrist blade. Otherwise, you risk damaging the animal's pelt.

"Once you’ve taken down an animal, you must skin it and retrieve everything you can use in order to honor the beast’s sacrifice," says Ubisoft community developer Gabriel Graziani on PlayStation.Blog. "If you slay wantonly without harvesting the bounties of the forest, you will lose synchronization with Connor and could be ejected from the Animus."

In other words, randomly slaying an animal could hurt your health. Doing it more than once might kill you altogether.

Animal parts can ultimately traded in town for money. Ubisoft says that there are other uses for these items as well. They'll release details at a later date. Perhaps these animal parts are used for a crafting system?

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