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Sony is doing their damnedest at Gamescom to promote the PS Vita as a unique gaming devices with compelling titles. It's hard to make this argument without once mentioning Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation, the Vita exclusive coming this fall.

The latest trailer for Liberation features a minute of fresh gameplay footage. Aveline, the female Assassin at the heart of the game, has a number of old and new weapons at her disposal. Her new toys include a blowgun and a giant cleaver. Additionally, she has the ability to dual wield.

While Liberation uses the same AnvilNext engine as AC3, the game will also have Vita-unique features. Players will be able to stop the action and queue up a series of killing blows by tapping on enemies. The rear touchscreen can also be used to move in canoe sequences. I suspect there are a few more aspects of the game tailored to the Vita's hardware but this is all they covered in the trailer.

Liberation will debut on October 30th, the same day that AC3 hits the PS3 and Xbox 360.