Ubisoft has launched the first-ever multiplayer event for Assassin's Creed 3. This event, called "Revolution," will provide new challenges to the player community.

"Revolution is about to explode in the 13 colonies," reads the announcement on the Ubisoft forums. "In this period of violence, survival is key, even if that means crushing others…Will you be ready to work as a team to defend yourselves and your territories from others?”"

There are three challenges in every AC3 multiplayer event. The first, completed simply by participating. The second is an individual challenge, requiring you to personally accomplish an objective. The last challenge is a collaborative effort by the entire community.

Each challenge can earn you rewards. The participation challenge provides the smallest reward, and the community challenge provides the largest. It's not clear what form these rewards will take, however.

In order to access the event, you'll need to choose the "Events" option on the main menu. This is the only way to work on the event challenges. Anything you do in normal multiplayer won't count toward these goals.

AC3's multiplayer challenges sound very similar in structure to the Operation weekends for Mass Effect 3. It's the same basic premise as a Call of Duty or Battlefield double XP event, too. Players are being actively pulled back into multiplayer on a regular basis. It's nice to see developers putting forth this much effort to engage players.

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