Connor's adventure through the American Revolution has been the focal point of most Assassin's Creed 3 trailers. However, Ubisoft called everyone's attention to the multiplayer mode today with a fresh trailer.

Like the last two AC games, AC3 will feature Assassin-versus-Assassin multiplayer. Players will stalk and kill other players while also trying to avoid the same fate. The competitive offering will be augmented by Domination mode, a game type in which teams try to capture and hold points on the map.

AC3 also introduces a co-op Wolf Pack mode. A small team of players will work together to eliminate targets within the time limit. The A.I. will become increasingly smarter over time and deploy lookouts and decoys to ward off players.

I'm looking forward to the day that AC's campaign and multiplayer combine in some meaningful way. The two sides of the game are isolated from each other now, which seems like a missed opportunity. That's about the only complaint I can muster about the cat-and-mouse online play of the series, though.

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