Ubisoft shared eight more screenshots from Assassin's Creed 3 today. These shots bring back our old friend Desmond Miles, who's been otherwise absent from the game's screenshots and trailers.

It was a foregone conclusion that Desmond would be back. After all, Connor is his ancestor. No one else would be able to dive into the Native American Assassins' memories. Still, nice to finally get a look at his AC3 incarnation.

Desmond, as you might expect, looks the damn same. In the screenshot, he's chatting with his team. They're all like, "blah blah blah Templars blah blah blah Connor blah blah blah Pieces of Eden." The specific dialogue might be a bit different, though.

The rest of the screenshots show Connor up to his usual tricks: sailing a ship, climbing shit, and so forth. There's also an image of him playing checkers. Is that a minigame or just a cutscene? If it's the former, that would be maybe the most unnecessary feature ever devised for an AC game.

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