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How do you make Pokemon scary rather than adorable? The answer, discovered by artist Elizabeth Emery, is to make them look like the Titans from Attack on Titan. Shiver.

Pokemon are arguably the least frightening creatures in all of gaming. They have bright coloration and soft features, making them look like carnival prizes. While some of them are massive, many are small enough to fit in your lap.

The creatures in Attack on Pokemon, however, are more lifelike and grotesque. Just adding a full set of teeth is enough to bump up their Creep Factor a few notches. They look like normal Pokemon cross-bred with really ugly people.

Their huge size makes them unnerving as well. These Pokemon aren't just little pets. They're enormous beasts that could swallow you whole if they want.

Attack on Titan, if you're not aware, is a post-apocalyptic manga and anime series. It depicts a world in which mankind is being hunted by gigantic humanoids known as Titans. These Titans eat humans for no apparent reason and without any shred of remorse. They're nearly unkillable except for one weak spot at the nape of their neck.

If there was ever a group of creatures with reason to eat people, it's Pokemon. They're cooped up in Pokeballs all day and forced to fight each other for sport. If they went rogue, would anyone be all that surprised?

Emery's Attack on Pokemon gallery has five completed images so far, with reimagined versions of Cubone, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Lickitung, Bulbasaur and Mr. Mime. A couple of the images are below. Mr. Mime seems like a logical choice for the collection; he's one of the spookiest Pokemon without any modifications. My favorite of the set is Lickitung. This Pokemon is a bubble gum pink lizard with a comically oversized tongue. The Attack on Pokemon incarnation of Lickitung, however, has a glistening, discolored tongue along with a full set of teeth.

The artist is planning to add additional nightmare fuel to the Internet in the future. She posted an in-progress image of Psyduck on Instagram. The Psyduck is, naturally, trying to eat an owl. There are over 700 species of Pokemon out there so Emery will have plenty of material to work with in the future as well.

This isn't the first gaming mash-up inspired by Attack on Titan. In recent months, we've also seen Titanfall and Halo crossovers.

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