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While doing some crack-reporting on a big issue regarding the Syrian security issue and UN relations, the BBC managed to misplace the official United Nations symbol with Halo's United Nations Space Command logo. Epic free advertising win.

EGM Now has both the story and a brief clip of the editing fail, which isn't the fist time a major mainstream blunder happened involving a video game clip. Ironically enough, BBC News reported on an ITV slip up that involved using footage from Bohemia Interactive's Arma II for a documentary about the IRA militia.

This time around however, the BBC is caught in the crosshairs for either going the lazy route to grab an HD image representing the UN logo or someone in the editing room is a pretty big fan of the green-armored Master Chief and crew. I'm willing to bet that it's the latter, mainly because once you type in the "UN logo" in Google images, you can't help but see a ton of UN either someone mistakenly added a UNS or UNSC in the search field or it was done purposefully as a shout-out to Halo fans.

Either way, BBC just gave Microsoft some free advertising, and now people who never heard of UNSC will probably give it a Bing, where-as Halo fans will be cheering all the way to E3. Since the mistake the BBC has issued an apology for the slip-up but I'm sure there won't be any promises that it won't happen again.

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