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Gearbox Software, the makers of games such as Brothers in Arms, Borderlands and Aliens: Colonial Marines, have announced – in partnership with 2K Games – a brand new first-person shooter called Battleborn.

The new game is a fantasy, cooperative action title that allows players to team up with friends and do battle against countless minions, or compete against each other in competitive multiplayer modes.

As noted in the brief synopsis of the game...
“Battleborn involves our heroes – called the battleborn, conveniently enough – teaming up to fight the Varelsi, an unstoppable menace trying to destroy the last star in a dying universe. You can play with up to four friends in our five-player cooperative campaign, or try out one of several different competitive multiplayer match types in games of up to 10 players.”

The game takes a very liberal approach to character designs, opening the game up for some very unique looking protagonists. The results has some people liking the designs and other people not liking the designs. Some people feel as if it gives the game too much of a MOBA-feel, or as if Gearbox has attuned the game too much toward the aesthetics of League of Legends or Defense of the Ancients 2.

The game's cartoony feel definitely gives the game a much different vibe than what I was expecting based on the initial description, but at least Battleborn doesn't appear to replicate the look of many other shooters out there. The designs, however, definitely seem to have polarized many within the gaming community and it's something Gearbox will either have to prove to gaming audiences that it works (similar to how people eventually had to grow on Borderlands pseudo-cel-shaded look) or eventually cave and make some changes.

As for the gameplay... we have no idea what the game will actually play like. The cinematic trailer above gives gamers a very nice look at what the game could eventually be like, yet at the same time it also kind of gives us nothing.

Will it be a fast-paced first-person shooter or a more tactical multiplayer shooter? Will all that running and jumping and sliding that we see the archer performing at the beginning of the trailer become available in the game? Or was that all just theatrics?

Right now I'm not feeling one way or another about Battleborn because it's just a typical concept pitch and cinematic trailer at this point. As the game moves closer to its 2015 release for the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC, we can expect to see and learn more about this first-person, multiplayer, cooperative shooter.

You can learn more about the game in an upcoming issue of Game Informer. Alternatively you can stay tuned for more info by paying a visit to the game's official website.
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