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Battlefield 1942's trimmed-down, next-gen remake Battlefield 1943 made a huge splash this summer on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. It's surprising that DICE didn't release additional content for the game but they still might.

"There's one important piece to this puzzle, and that's that we need to take care of our products post-launch," Battlefield executive producer Karl-Magnus Troedsson told OXM. "We haven't released any premium DLC for 1943, for instance, which feels like a natural step to take."

Troedsson also hinted that they could release other slimmed down games like 1943. "As a franchise, we're going to focus on the near future but that doesn't exclude that we can do more of these smaller products in the near future."

BF 1943 only featured maps from the Pacific Theatre. The easy guess for "sequels" would be games based on the African and European maps in 1942.

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