Battlefield 3: Aftermath has arrived on the Xbox 360 and PC this morning. The expansion, released on the PS3 last week, is available to all Battlefield 3 Premium members on those platforms.

Aftermath introduces four maps set in Tehran, Iran after an 8.1 earthquake. Players will fight it out in the ruins of the city. They'll use modified military and civilian vehicles in these battles, along with a new crossbow weapon.

To make the maps truly feel like a disaster area, DICE also included a new Scavenger mode. In this game type, players start out with a pistol, knife, and grenade. They'll have to scour the environment to find more effective weapons.

If you're not a BF3 Premium member, you'll have to cool your heels. Two weeks of early access to DLC is one of the perks of the $50 Premium membership. PC and Xbox 360 non-Premium gamers have to wait until December 18th to get their hands on Aftermath. Their PS3 counterparts will get it on December 11th. Those players will have to pay $15 to download the expansion.

Aftermath is the second-to-last expansion announced for BF3. The last, End Game, hasn't been detailed yet. All we've seen of that expansion thus far is a brief video clip.

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