While announcing their third quarter financial results, EA mentioned that Battlefield 3 has now sold over 10 million copies worldwide. To capitalize on the game's strong sales, they plan to release additional downloadable content.

"You’re going to hear some announcements from us on Battlefield actually as early as next week in an event we’ve got in New York," EA vice president Peter Ausnit said in response to a question about DLC.

Rumor has it that this new content will be an "All American Map Pack." It will introduce four maps set in the United States: New York City, Miami, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. The maps were said to be coming out in the spring or summer.

DICE has only released one piece of downloadable content for BF3 so far. The "Back to Karkand" expansion reintroduced maps, weapons and vehicles seen in Battlefield 2. This next DLC pack thus might be the first "new" content added to the game since its launch.

An All American Map Pack seems plausible. There are no BF3 maps set within the continental United States currently. The closest is the Wake Island map from "Karkand," which takes place on a US territory deep in the Pacific. Maps centered around American cities would nicely complement the collection of European and Middle Eastern locations already showcased in BF3's multiplayer.

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