DICE will be releasing Battlefield 3's expansion pack Armored Kill to a select group of PS3 players today. The DLC will be slowly rolled out to other gamers over the course of the month.

Today's release is limited to PS3 owners who are Battlefield 3 Premium members. Premium membership, which costs $50, gives you access to new expansion packs two weeks before everyone else. Additionally, the PS3 receives BF3 DLC a week early.

Premium members on the Xbox 360 and PC will get Armored Kill on September 11th. PS3 owners who didn't sign up for Premium will get in on September 18th. The remaining 360 and PC owners will finally get to play Kill on September 25th.

Armored Kill focuses on vehicular combat. It introduces four sprawling maps and five new vehicles. Also included is an A.I. controlled AC-130 gunship that players can man turrets on. Your piloting skills will be put to the test in a Tank Superiority mode supported by all four maps. Additional progression options will be available through five new Assignments and over 20 vehicle unlocks.

The launch trailer for Armored Kill is below. It shows brief clips of most of the new content, including the AC-130.

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