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DICE has released a new trailer for Battlefield 3's upcoming End Game expansion. The video shows footage from Capture the Flag mode, one of the new game types included in the expansion.

Capture the Flag mode in BF3 operates pretty much as it does in other games. Each team tries to steal the opposing team's flag from their base. They must then bring it back to their own flag to score points.

The way that BF3's version of CTF differs is that players have to traverse large maps and can use vehicles to transport the flag. The result: high-speed chases. In the trailer, a player in a jeep is carrying the flag while enemies on dirt bikes pursue them.

Interestingly, the jeep in this trailer is outfitted with an AA turret and a rocket launcher. This means it can fend off both air and land vehicles at the same time. That should put a nice dent in helicopter pilot's kill/death ratio.

End Game features four maps, each inspired by a different season. New vehicles, including dirt bikes and dropships, will allow players to quickly move through these maps. The Capture the Flag mode will be accompanied by Air Superiority mode, previously seen in BF 1943.