This month DICE will release a new expansion pack for Battlefield 3 entitled "End Game." In a new trailer, designer Niklas Fegraeus summarizes the new content players can look forward to.

End Game introduces four maps (Sabalan Pipeline, Nebandan Flats, Operation Riverside, Kiasar Railroad), each depicting a different season. The maps are all fairly large and designed to showcase the new vehicles, including the dropships and motorbikes. If you prefer infantry combat, though, Sabalan Pipeline might be small enough to satisfy you.

The expansion also introduces two game modes that appeared in previous BF games. Capture the Flag is the old classic that you expect, except with one wrinkle: players can carry the flag with vehicles. Air Superiority, the Battlefield 1943 bonus mode, has players battle for airspace in jet fighters.

Players will have a new set of goals to pursue as well. This includes 16 new ribbons, 5 assignments and 2 medals. Battlefield 3 Premium members will also get access to five more exclusive assignments.

End Game will be available for Premium PS3 players on March 5th, and for Xbox 360/PC Premium members on March 12th. The general release on the PS3 is slated for March 19th. The Xbox 360 and PC public release will follow on the 26th.

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