The war zones of Battlefield 3 are set to expand in December with the Aftermath expansion pack, offering four new maps and all kinds of extra goodies to get that trigger finger itching. While no release date has been set, the Aftermath reveal trailer has finally been released, giving a brief glimpse at the carnage awaiting BF3 vets in just a couple of months.

Aftermath marks the fourth expansion to hit Battlefield 3 since its launch in late 2012. The first, Back to Karakland, offered reimagined versions of classic Battlefield maps. Close Quarters came a few months later, turning the typically wide-open warfare into a tight-knit battle for supremacy in, appropriately enough, close quarters environments. Armored Kill is the latest DLC making the rounds, returning to the vast landscapes and vehicle-heavy combat the series has become best known for.

Now, with Aftermath, players are returned to the portions of the game shortly following the world-shattering earthquake that took place early on in the single player campaign. This first peek at the new content doesn't reveal much, but it does serve as a nice introduction to ruined landscapes that will become your latest battlefield once Aftermath launches sometime in December.

Along with four new post-earthquake maps to explore, Aftermath will also offer new Assignments for players to tackle, new vehicles, Trophies/Achievements, a new game mode, etc.

It's hard to tell from this brief introduction, but it looks like Aftermath will likely fall somewhere in between Close Quarters and Armored Kill as far as gameplay is concerned. The urban maps won't be as wide open as those offered in Armored Kill, but the environments don't look nearly as contained as Close Quarters, either. And judging by the fact that many of those multi-floor structures are missing entire walls just perfect for setting up camp, expect some additional focus on vertical gameplay.

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