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Today the first expansion pack for Battlefield 4, China Rising, will be launching on all platforms. China Rising provides four new maps for multiplayer warfare.

"As with all Battlefield 4 maps, the level design in China Rising is based on extensive research on the regions we’re portraying," DICE says on the Battlefield Blog. "The regions are filled with unique sights, such as special kinds of rock formations inspired by natural phenomena that only exist in these particular regions."

Silk Road is set around a desert outpost. Guilin Peaks is an infantry-centric map with caves, mountains and thick jungle. Snipers will gravitate toward Altai Range, a mountainous map with plenty of wide-open spaces. Rivers throughout Dragon Pass make it ideal for naval warfare.

All four maps in China Rising support the new Air Superiority Mode, previously seen in Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield 3 End Game. In Air Superiority, all players spawn inside aircraft and fight for the skies. Guilin Peaks treats Air Superiority a bit differently, allowing two players to share an attack helicopter.

The expansion also brings two new vehicles. The Dirt Bike is a speedy way for two players to move around the map. The new Bomber is capable of laying waste to ground target with heavy ordinance. Bombers typically spawn in a nearby building after certain control points are captured. It doesn't matter if your team is the one who captured the point. Expect to see both teams racing for the bomber spawns.

Players can unlock five weapons and two gadgets by completing the new Assignments. The gadgets are both drones. The SUAV (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) can be used for Recon players to spot enemies, laser designate vehicles, or ram infantry. The UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) is essentially a guided missile that Support players can utilize to rip enemy vehicles apart. An unlockable features for the UCAV allows it to explode in mid-air to make it more suitable to killing infantry.

China Rising is only available for Battlefield 4 Premium members today. Everyone else will have to wait two weeks to get their hands on the new content. Early DLC access is one of the perks of the service, along with priority queues for servers and bonus BattlePacks.

Xbox One players also have access to a different expansion pack, Second Assault, which provides four revamped maps from BF3. DICE hasn't said when Assault will be available for everyone else.

BF4's double XP event is currently underway. It'll run until December 5th. DICE implemented the event as an apology for the game's launch issues.

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