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Tomorrow DICE is turning off the "Golden Gun" cheat for Battlefield 4 on PS4 and PC. Once the latest patch is applied, players will no longer experience a bug that was causing mysterious one-hit kills.

It's still going to be possible to kill someone with a well-placed shotgun shell or less-than-well-placed RPG blast. However, the update will remove a glitch which was applying damage from a single bullet multiple times:

The nickname for this issue was the "one-hit kill bug" but I think of it as the "make me think I'm better at Battlefield 4 than I am bug." Several of my kills were just random potshots that happened to nick an enemy. Of course, the flipside is that I died countless times at the hands of people wielding superweapons.

The PS4 version of the patch also fixes a couple other issues. Apparently players with a long Friends list were experiencing crashes. Streamers, meanwhile, found that the audio wasn't being broadcast to their viewers. Both problems should be gone come tomorrow, though.

PC gamers have other fixes to look forward to. Exiting the single-player campaign to the main menu will no longer cause bugs. EMP attacks from Commanders won't cause a weird blur effect on soldiers. Audio drop-off in multiplayer maps like Hainan Resort and Golmud Railway should be a thing of the past, too.

The patches' release will coincide with the launch of the expansion pack China Rising. China Rising will reintroduce the Air Superiority mode from BF3 and add four maps set on the Chinese mainland. Players will have access to new gear including dirt bikes, two new drones and five weapons.

DICE says players should expect some downtime as servers are prepared for the patches and new content. If you're online when the game is updated, you'll be booted from the server.

Previous BF4 patches have aimed to fix crashes and save corruption. DICE apologized for these issues and implemented a double XP week to reward players for their patience. The double XP event will end on December 5th, at which point players will receive a 3X scope for the M1911 pistol. This attachment was previously only available for the development team.

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