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The trailer Battlefield 4's DLC pack Second Assault looks a lot like Battlefield 3. That's not a bad thing, though. It's exactly what DICE is going for.

Second Assault reintroduces four multiplayer maps from BF3: Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm, and Gulf of Oman. Each of these old maps are loaded with "Levolution," DICE's awkward slang for earth-shaking moments in BF4 multiplayer. In Operation Metro, players can bring down sections of the ceiling to crush any opponents underneath. Concentrated fire can knock over the communications tower for the revamped Caspian Border. Blowing up oil reserves in Operation Firestorm will require walls of fire to slow enemy advances. A sand storm sweeping through Gulf of Oman will reduce everyone's visibility.

The expansion also brings back the dune buggy (er, Desert Patrol Vehicle) as well as five weapons. Right now, you're probably hoping that one of those weapons isn't the DAO-12. Unfortunately, it is. Look forward to being killed by this auto-shotgun multiple times in close quarters maps like Operation Metro and Operation Locker. The other weapons in Second Assault are the F2000, AS Val, M60E4 and GOL Magnum. These guns will presumably be unlocked by completing the 10 Assignments included with Second Assault.

The last big feature of Second Assault is Capture the Flag mode. If you played Battlefield 3's End Game expansion - or any multiplayer shooter released in the past decade - this mode should be familiar to you. Battlefield 4/Battlefield 3 put a twist on the usual CTF formula by allowing players to use vehicles to bring the enemy flag back to their base.

Second Assault will be released for the Xbox One version of BF4 tomorrow, the same day that the console launches. Only Battlefield 4 Premium members will get it at first, though. Non-Premium members will have to wait until December 3rd. No word yet on when the PC and other consoles will receive this DLC.

DICE is planning five DLC packs for BF4. China Rising, the next expansion on deck, will bring four new maps and the Air Superiority mode in December. The third and fourth expansions, Naval Strike and Dragon's Teeth, will focus on sea combat and urban warfare respectively. Final Stand's content is currently unknown.

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