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If you're trying to determine whether the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Master Servers are down, EA has now provided an easy way to do so. Seriously, it's stupid easy.

The server status for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC versions of BF:BC2 are now clearly noted at the top of the game's official website. You won't have to check some community manager's Twitter or the game's forums anymore to figure out if there's an outage. Best of all, you won't get suckered into checking and re-checking your Internet router.

This sort of display is par for the course with a lot of MMOs. It seems like every multiplayer-only (or, in the case of BC2, multiplayer-centric) should provide information in such a clear fashion. DICE probably deemed it a necessity for BC2 considering how many server issues have cropped up since March.

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