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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam will have four playable maps upon release. However, DICE is also including a fifth map that will be unlocked by the community in time.

The bonus map is called "Operation Hastings." It's based on a map of the same name from Battlefield Vietnam. The map features two main areas separated by a bridge and is stocked with boats, helicopters, tanks, jeeps.

To unlock "Hastings", the player community must perform 69 million team actions. Team actions include resupplying, reviving, healing, spotting, and repairing. Note that the team action tally is divided by platform, so if you want to play the map on the PS3 your fellow PS3 owners will need to rack up 69 million. It adds a little competition to the whole event.

Vietnam will debut on the PC on December 18th. Xbox 360's worldwide and North American PS3s will receive it on December 21st. The European PS3 release is slated for the 22nd.

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