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EA and Visceral Games released a new trailer for Battlefield Hardline. It's hard to say what it accomplishes that other trailers haven't already put across in a more convincing fashion. Nevertheless, people who just want to see more of the gameplay actually get to see it in action and witness EA's hype-train to promote Hardline as the “fastest Battlefield yet”.

The trailer [via GameSpot] is a bit of an incoherent mess. It looks good – the destruction on display and the gun fights will get some cheers and applause. It sounds good – the track “Karma” from Jamie Commons fits the theme of the game quite nicely. The problem is that if you haven't been following Battlefield Hardline on a regular basis you would easily see the trailer and then ask “WTF is going on?”

For those who don't know, the trailer follows a handful of cops who attempt to go undercover to deal with some violent drug cartels. Very much like the typical Hollywood cop thriller, there are moments of potential mistrust, dirty dealings, bribery and all the close-calls you would expect the volatile nature of dealing with cartels. Imagine Battlefield Hardline as a higher budget, less tongue-in-cheek version of Call of Juarez: The Cartel.

EA and Visceral Games explained that the game will work like a television cop drama, with the story unfolding over a series of interactive episodes, as hinted at in the trailer. One of the things they finally focus on are the vehicle chase scenes. We still don't know much about them, but we do at least get to see a multi-car sequence involving exploding bridges and lots of gunfire.

Another interesting thing is that it's mentioned in the trailer that this is the “fastest Battlefield yet”, but are they talking about the gameplay or the fast-and-furious style vehicular mayhem?

It's been mentioned before by the developers that they would be speeding up the gameplay of Battlefield Hardline following feedback from the beta that took place earlier in the year, but making the game as fast as Call of Duty doesn't seem like the sort of thing that would really appeal to the core Battlefield audience. Then again, maybe EA and Visceral aren't aiming to appeal to the core Battlefield audience and they want to attract the Call of Duty crowd?

Well, if “fastest Battlefield yet” is actually referring to the vehicular mayhem then I think they're on the right path. It would be interesting to see a Battlefield game that focuses a bit more on vehicular carnage and roadway chaos. The clip near the end of the trailer showing the bridges collapsing under the explosions while the cops and criminals exchange gunfire would make for a very interesting play arena.

Of course, both EA and Visceral have been somewhat coy about dropping details on the one chase mode, as well as the maps in which chases take place. Hopefully they took the time for the extra delay to flesh out the game's appeal in the areas where Battlefield games usually shine.

Right now I'm a little leery about it all because making Battlefield “faster” was rarely ever an issue. Making the multiplayer gameplay more cohesive and the maps more engaging is definitely something they need to focus on. I guess we'll find out when the game launches. Need more info? Feel free to hit up the official website.
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